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At Be Sharp Beetles we believe that every child is unique and special and that we can make a difference in their development and musical abilities. How many adults do you know that wish they had the opportunity to play an instrument or the exposure to instrument(s) when they were young? All children are born with a natural musical ability – it is whether that ability and love for music is nurtured that influences whether the child retains some of these natural musical abilities. Genes do play a role but exposure plays an even bigger role!

The latest research on music in the classroom supports the following ideas:

The link between mathematical abilities and musical abilities never made sense to me. I played the piano and did my Grade 8 Unisa exam, played the violin in the Youth Orchestra, sang in the choir, did Music as a subject and even played professionally. How did it happen that I was then a standard grade Maths student in Matric? Did my brain connections not wire correctly? Did the maths not transpire into the Mathematical part of my brain?

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Music Education for young Children

Be Sharp Beetles is a Music Education programme that develops children from birth to eight years of age. The original music and lessons are specifically written to include a variety of music and song styles, culture(s) and languages that will stimulate and encourage your child to grow.

As a parent you want to make the best decisions for your child's overall development. Making decisions like which nursery schools your child attends, how to discipline your child and which extra-mural activities your child participates in, are all important decisions that you have to make -there are so many options to choose from. It is easy when you child comes home and insists that they want to do an activity but which activities do you choose when the choice is up to you?